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Effective Vaastu is presently having an 800++ satisfied strong customer base and growing at rapid speed with the mercy of Maa Vaishno, Our professional course  Guru’s Blessings, Best Wishes of our Family & Friends and our Esteemed Customer’s. We are working as Residential / Commercial / Advanced Industrial Vaastu Consultant, Vaastu Course Trainer, Numerologist and soon ++++

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What Client Say ?

Sarthak (05-09-2018)

Vikas Karwal (04-12-2018)

Ashish (13-12-2018)

Deepali (24-04-2019)

Aatuni (04-06-2019)

Very friendly and professional duo. Have in depth knowledge of subject. Suggested most of the remedies which can be implemented by the client himself.

Brijendra Singh (17-09-2018)

Great experience and super service, thanks.

Mukesh Verma (19-11-2018)

Excellent work. They have good knowledge of vastu very cooperative.

Rinku (01-02-2019)

Very intuitive from the start along with her husband. Picked up on thing well and gave some immediate solutions for our rented house. I felt calm after they left and am working to implement the suggestion

Dharma Naik (19-03-2019)

Very professional and helpful at the same time.Got into minute details and helped us finalising floor plans for our new house from vastu perspective. They attend queries very patiently and take active involvement in advising.

Kunal Ram (05-06-2019)

She is great help. She has able to provide all the small small details. Moreover she was also available to provide me details post consultation as well. Would like to recommend to others as well.

Kajal Pandey Malhotra (05-06-2019)

All remedies Very nicely done. Our all the problems are getting sorted.

Sidharth Goyal (21-06-2019)

Everything changed every since she visited

Shubham Bansal (11-06-2019)

About Vastu

Vastu is a scientific approach to create a perfect harmony among five elements of this Universe Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space. An imbalance state of these creates Vastu defects.

Persons Invest crores of rupees for the making of residence or shop or office or industry as per personal demand or future investments. In order to run them they have to have managers, labours, office staff, servant etc.  But when it comes to get it Vastu compatible they hesitate to spend a few thousand rupees, despite the fact they know that these peanuts are going to give them crores in futures if followed properly. Vastu defects sometimes generates bad relationship internal or external, loss of production, fault in machinery, labour/staff unrest, incomplete projects without differentiating among big, small, poor or rich. Each & every place has its own vibration/ energies which get depleted due to wrong structure, Disturbed Brahmsathan, Colour concept & placement of Objects, and when these energies get balanced with Vastu remedial process they not only enhance the Positive Vibrations’ but also create & increase Prosperity and Success Ratio.

Vaastu Advice

टिप्स….नकारात्मक उर्जा

हम सबकी आदत होती है घर के समान को संभाल कर यहाँ वहाँ रखना चाहे वो चाहे खराब ही क्यों…

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Praesent sed ex vel mauris eleifend mollis. Vestibulum dictum sodales ante, ac pulvinar urna sollicitudin in. Suspendisse sodales dolor nec…

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