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Industrial / Commercial Vaastu

Our services are wilfully planned &associated with various Construction Projects of Buildings/ Towers, Educational Institutions, IT, Schools, Hospitals, Villas, Guesthouse, Showrooms, Theatres, Hotels+++.Industrial services like Factory/ Industry/ Mill which are used for Manufacturing & Production etc.

We take care of Plot main gate, constructed area gate, Reception, Designated place for various Departments &High end Professional’s, Prayer room, Parking, Electrical/Furnace room, Water heater, Elevator/Lifts, Staircases, Bore well, Septic Tank, Water harvesting, Overhead tanks, Raw Material / Finished goods Stores, Generators, Cooling towers, Gardens, Operation theatre +++.Shape& Location of the Plot also plays important role for Industrial or Commercial space. Vastu results can be taken with remedial part by just shifting objects, colour effects and that too without structural damage or demolition. We connect Astrological Star positions while suggesting Vastu remedies which varies from person to person. Like sitting of Owner/ Director in South-West or Main Door in East may not good for a person as per Astro effects. We suggest customised Astro-Vastu.

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